Nationals are creating an “It Gets Better” video

I just received word from an official with the Nationals that the club is currently producing an “It Gets Better” video.   Apparently a national-level organization (unnamed by the official) made this request — I suspect this group is contacting all MLB teams.

Kudos to the Nats, as well as to the Red Sox, Cubs, and Mariners for joining the Giants in this campaign.

Think we’ll eventually see videos from all 30 MLB clubs?



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  2. gaynatsfan

    Did the Nats ever make this video? Can’t seem to find it on Youtube or the It Gets Better website.

    • David C. (Editor)

      That’s an excellent question! We haven’t seen it either. In the days leading up to the 2012 Night OUT at the Nationals event, we learned from Team DC that the Nats were going to debut their “It Gets Better” video on that night. However, we never saw it. Of course, we were rather distracted by the crowd that turned out for the game.

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